First lost.Then found.


You accidentally forgot to pick up your jacket from the cloakroom last night? You’re having a little heart attack because you can’t find your mobile phone or wallet after last night’s tremendous party? Everyone has to go through this at some point.
Don’t worry we got your back! We keep everything that we find or is handed over to us for a certain time. But how do you get your things now?

Left at the cloakroom?

Do you still have the coat-check chip?

Awesome, then just come by every Tuesday – Saturday, between 22.00h and 05.30h, and pick up your stuff.

You lost the chip too?

We got your back! Just bring a valid photo ID and describe your belongings as accurately as possible to our cloakroom staff.

Lost your stuff somewhere in the club?

You have no idea where, when and how you lost your handbag, mobile phone, keys, vaccination certificate, favourite cuddly toy or whatever?
But you’d be overjoyed to get it back?

Then fill in the Lost & Found form and we will contact you as soon as we have found your valuables!
Hope the best ­čĄ×


In case your memories of last night are a little hazy, you can refresh them here!